You and I Became a Forest

You And I Beacame a Forest 너와 내가 하나의 숲이 되어 This poster was made in the class graphic design. The purpose of this poster is to let people know about the lecture that lecturer 'Paul Thek' would speak of. There were more than 100 questions. At first I didn't had any clue what to do with that questions, but than I came out with the solutions. Let's say Paul Thek is giving a lecture about 'how to make a better society.' I used the metaphor of trees and forest as a harmony of well united society. When you look in side the forest, there are many things to think about to well preserve the forest, such things like not chopping off the trees, no putting on fire and things like that. This poster was a really an eye-opener. Really was a moment to think of what I should do as a graphic designer in the future.

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